luni, 29 iunie 2009

Lost Love

Years have sped by, time has flown,
To forget you - that is what I had sworn;
To wipe off your memories from my heart,
To live on, knowing that we are poles apart.

But often on silent, lonely nights,
When the moon is shining bright
Your thought come stealthily to my mind,
And prod other memories left far behind.

Of times we had, both good and bad,
Of tears we shared and fun we had!
But what went wrong, I have no clue;
But as long as if lasted, I know it was true.

You have touched my life in many ways,
I try explaining, but just cannot say.
But you have moved on and so must I,
Must accept the truth, must accept the lies.

Time heals all wounds, but not this one;
The scar remains; the harm is done.
Memories are to be treasured, or so they say,
That's why you remain in my heart to this very day..

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